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Happy Holidays! We have hours and hours of entertainment planned for YOU during December! Upgrade your sports coverage, wrestling coverage, and elevate your entertainment levels this month! We have gone LIVE with virtually every video containing new content on the website! Interaction is at an all-time high on the website! All that's missing, is YOU! Don't miss out on your chance to interact LIVE with the Blitz Team! Just look at to see all of those videos you're missing out on!

Here's the events we'll be covering & reviewing in December (these are all LIVE videos that archive after the broadcast):
Every WWE Monday Night RAW
Every WWE Smackdown Live
Every WWE NXT Show
Every IMPACT Wrestling TV Show
UFC 218
UFC Fight Night 123
UFC on Fox 26
UFC 219
Miguel Cotto vs Sadam Ali
Every NFL Regular Season game
Every NBA Regular Season game
WWE Clash of Champions

Other features to the website (these are all LIVE videos that archive after the broadcast):
The Blitz Team Hotline - We take phone calls from YOU every Wednesday night!
The Blitz Team VIP OT Video - Loaded live streams where no subject is off limits! We talk about everything sports, entertainment, movies, music, video games, pro wrestling, current events, plus much more!
Bruce Blitz Gaming Commentaries - Bruce plays a number of video games & interacts with you in a live chat room during the broadcast!
Blitz Team Morning News - Your daily dose of sports & wrestling news!
The Billy & Bruce Lounge - Billy, Bruce and the boys talk about a number of topics!
The Blitz Team Video Game series - Bruce plays against on-air talent in video games!
Random Topics - You never know when Bruce will go live on a subject or breaking news!
Blitz Team WWE Power Rankings & WWE Garbage Moment of the Week!
We also pick a "commenter of the week" at the end of every WWE Smackdown Review!
Bruce Blitz Movie Reviews - Bruce has been reviewing all of the movies from the MCU, and that will continue in December!

Guaranteed video games in Bruce Blitz's rotation this month:
WWE 2k18
NBA 2k18
Madden 18
And whatever else Bruce decides to play!

Don't miss the "Best of the Blitz Team" videos! These are videos with the best highlights and funniest moments from the Blitz Team which we post monthly!

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