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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor & SummerSlam 2017 is this month! Those are 2 huge events this month, but look below for details on EVERYTHING you're missing out on, RIGHT NOW! We are inviting you to re-join the conversation with us!

- DON'T SIT ON THE SIDELINES THIS MONTH, HOLY CRAP THIS IS A HUGE MONTH ON BLITZ SPORTS NETWORK! August is an explosive month with sports & wrestling events to be covered!! Don't miss out on the fireworks with the Blitz Team in August! Make sure to check this ENTIRE POSTING to see what you're missing out on, in AUGUST! We would LOVE to have you join in on the BLITZ TEAM CONVERSATION as we discuss all of these topics!

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- Hey, WRESTLING FANS! Do you really want to miss our Reviews for EVERY Monday Night RAW, EVERY Smackdown Live, EVERY NXT episode, and EVERY IMPACT Wrestling episode?!?!

- Timestamps (for easier browsing) are included for every WWE RAW Review, WWE Smackdown Review, WWE Pay Per View Review, and VIP OT videos.

- The WWE SUMMERSLAM 2017 Review!!! The WWE NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN 3 Review!!! That's 2 WWE PPV shows in one month, which means 2 WWE PPV Reviews in one month!

- Bruce Blitz will be setting up NFL Fantasy Football leagues, and only exclusive VIP Blitz Team website members will be allowed to join!

- Get coverage of the NFL pre-season & NBA during the off-season in the Blitz Team Morning News!

- One of our newer features, THE BLITZ TEAM HOTLINE, is the fastest growing show in the history of the website! This show has gained wild popularity in a short amount of time! The concept is simple! On Wednesday Nights we take PHONE CALLS FROM YOU, you leave a voice mail, we react to the voice mails on the air, and YOU get to hop on the stage & be part of the show! Folks from every corner of the planet call in and share their thoughts on wrestling, sports, and much more! If you choose to merely be a viewer of the show, you will hear hilarious calls, hilarious impressions, intense rants, different opinions, and a very diverse set of personalities! Join in on the conversation and be a part of the Blitz Team Hotline show this week!

- Blitz Team Participation Topics - So, we added another new feature to Blitz Sports Network this past month. The "Blitz Team Participation Top 10" topics. With these Blitz Team Top 10 videos, YOU pick the results. A vote is taken for every Blitz Team Participation Top 10 video. Bruce will film the video, and relay the message that you send in the vote. Your name (screen name or just first name) will appear IN THE VIDEO! These are write in votes, and you are not restricted to limited answers. This is just yet another way for you to be part of the process and for you to be part of the videos! We are always looking for new ways to make you part of the on-air experience! You can also participate by calling in DIRECTLY to the Blitz Team Hotline every Wednesday. You can participate by taking part in the fully responsive comment section & have your opinions read on the air in segments like the "Blitz Team Power rankings"!

- Bruce Blitz reacts videos - In the spirit of keeping an amazing flow of content, Bruce Blitz has committed to yet another feature on the website with the "Bruce Blitz Reacts" videos. Website subscribers pick videos for Bruce to watch, and he reacts to those videos, on camera! Some "interesting" videos have been chosen for Bruce Blitz reacts videos, to say the least! Let the comedy and shocking moments continue!

- UFC Reviews! Bruce Blitz will review: UFC Fight Night 114 Pettis vs Moreno! Plus daily MMA coverage in the Blitz Team Morning News!

- Get round table discussions about the NFL, NBA, Pro Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, and all sorts of other topics like movies, video games & entertainment in our extremely popular Blitz Team VIP OT videos! It's an entertaining weekly dose of Blitz Team comradery! You won't find anything on the internet that compares to the experience & versatility of a Blitz Team VIP OT Video!

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- Bruce Blitz will also be uploading more video game commentaries to the website in August!

- Don't miss "The Best of the Blitz Team" videos where you will get a supercut of hilarious, entertaining, and memorable Blitz Team moments!

- Boxing: Don't miss the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor review, Terence Crawford vs Julius Indongo review, and Miguel Cotto vs Yoshihiro Kamegai review!

- A bonus feature to the website is the "behind the curtain" videos where you get to hear the conversations about wrestling, sports, and other topics that take place off the air!

- Also, you get random topics from Bruce, MG & others where we talk about current events in sports & wrestling, or respond to a topic suggested by viewers!

- Also, you can just take a look at the home page, to see what you're missing, RIGHT NOW!!!

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