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The Blitz Team Supercast! This is a weekly show, that has taken our creativity to new heights! We discuss all the weekly news in NBA, NFL, MMA, Boxing, Movies, Video Games, and NCAA Sports! We discuss all the hot topics & give our takes! You will also be entertained by multiple characters who invade the show with some comedic appearances! This is a newer show that has become our flagship weekly show with high production quality and creativity!

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Hangin with Blitz! This is a monthly show where we conduct a Q&A session, and Bruce Blitz shows off some memorabilia and interesting collectibles! This is a new show, a new concept, and a ton of fun!

The Blitz Team Hotline! This is a monthly show where YOU call in and share your takes on sports & entertainment! This show features our viewers from beginning to end & their takes! You also gain access to over 140 previous episodes as well!

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UFC & Boxing Reviews! Bruce Blitz & his co-hosts give a detailed breakdown of all the major Boxing fights, UFC Fight Night shows, and UFC PPV's!

Movie Reviews! Bruce Blitz has reviewed every MCU movie, and a long list of movies in detail! We have a solid library of movie reviews with more to come!

Blitz Team Content is more diversified than ever! We do our absolute BEST to keep you entertained & informed!

For almost 15 years, Bruce Blitz & the Blitz Team has led the charge providing our supporters with thought provoking content that challenges the mainstream narratives that irritate most of us.

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