Blitz Sports Network is committed to protecting your privacy. This site currently collects no personal information about who visits our site other than your screen name that you personally choose, your email account that you personally link with your account, and your IP address which is standard on all websites. Blitz Sports Network web host services show us information such as the Internet Service Provider visitors are using, their screen resolutions, browser types, etc. but in no way does this reveal the name, email address, or any specific information whatsoever about the site's visitors. We are not interested in that. We don't even pay attention to the statistics from our web hosting services or the IP address you use, because we're not interested in that. We may use your email address (that you provide) to contact you regarding website issues but would never share your email address with anyone else. We are only interested in making your experience on Blitz Sports Network an entertaining experience, while protecting your privacy.

Which information is shared with outside parties?
Blitz Sports Network is a user funded operation and does not disclose the aforementioned GENERAL information about visitors to anyone even though this is information that does NOT identify who you are. Outside sources may be able to determine during what time periods do we receive the most visitors, what is the most common browser version of our visitors, what are the most popular internet services our visitors use, etc. That is out of our control and standard for all websites. We want our visitors to be happy, and to feel safe while on our website.

Founded in 2011, Blitz Sports Network is committed to providing a safe environment for our visitors. Blitz Sports Network does not use pop-up ads or embedded ads of any sort. We aim to continue this, forever.

We do not use advertisers:
Blitz Sports Network will not be working with third party advertisers, ever. This further ensures your privacy with even trivial information that other websites collect about all of us, but we do not.

Your consent:
By using our Web site, you consent to the collection and non-use of this general information by Blitz Sports Network. We will always put your privacy first before any other concerns. We will never sell lists of email addresses from this website and are aware that other websites have done that. We respect the privacy of our visitors and are committed to doing nothing that may compromise your privacy. We go to great lengths to ensure that your information stays where it belongs, only with you.

Information disclosed during transactions:
At the time that you sign up, PayPal discloses your email address and PayPal name to us. This is information we ignore unless we need to contact you via email to ensure that you haven't run in to any difficulties getting on the website. If for some reason you run in to an issue, you can reach Bruce by emailing him: [email protected]. None of your financial information or personal details are disclosed to us in any way shape or form. PayPal has a great reputation of keeping your confidential information private, which is why we chose PayPal as our partner. PayPal is much safer than giving your credit card information to anyone. We are committed to making your experience as a Blitz Sports Network member a safe one, and one you'll enjoy. Click here to review PayPal's privacy policy!

Changes in privacy policy:
We don't expect to make any changes to this privacy policy, ever. Unless we are advised of ways to tighten up the privacy even more. You can rest assured that we do our best to keep your personal information private.